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My name is Kari Rein, 55 years old. Born and raised in Norway but moved to the Netherlands when I was 22 years old. After working in various companies within ICT and quality assurance, I made a ‘career switch’ in 2008.  Since then I am, together with André, the proud owner of Rønnør.

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Sport has always been a part of my life. I have been on the ‘long slats’ since my childhood, skiing is for a Norwegian more or less the same as cycling for the Dutch. 😉 In addition to this, I have practiced many sports such as swimming, handball, football and horse riding. And of course hiking in the Norwegian mountains.

Running has always been part of my sports, but as off 2002 I have prioritized running. Since then I have run countless races and distances – both on the road and off road, in The Netherlands and abroad. All between 5k to 42.2k. I have countless great running memories, really too many to mention. But if I can pick one then it would be the ‘Hood to Coast Relay‘ in the US. In 2009 I was invited by Nike to participate in this great relay race. In a team of 12 runners, we run a distance of more than 330 km, together with 1000 other teams (a total of 12,000 runners). All for charity. With the start in the mountains to the beach by the Pacific Ocean. The team leader told us during the briefing “enjoy”, but if you run in a team fanatic core runners, the urge to perform is obvious. We achieved a wonderful time of 23 hours and 21 seconds (the winners in a time of 17 hours 6 minutes ;-)). If I had the chance to run this relay again, I would say … “sign me up”!

And now as I am strolling down the memory lane … I can also remember a Sunday morning – in the forest with a number of running friends, the world was awakening – and my running companion said: “I am sooooo happy”! I immediately understood what she meant. That happiness is so close to yourself… in a piece of running.

I am really a recreational runner and enjoying running is my ultimate goal. I hope to see you in our store or somewhere along the way!

Regards, Kari


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